Sports Hypnosis

Services & Fees

Our Services and Fees

My ServicesSessions with MindCoach4Golf can cover the following key areas:

Fees are £50 per session.

The first session will review your own needs and objectives and will include a comprehensive review 0f how Sport Psychology techniques and ideas can improve your golfing performance. We will conclude this first session with a Mindfulness for Golf meditation. This is also available as an MP3 download from the website if you would like a pre-session taster.

At the end of the first session we will discuss the most appropriate forward programme based on those needs and objectives. This will primarily include hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to install positive change in your unconscious mind and will also review progress in your mental skills development through the programme.

If, however, you decide that the first session did not meet your needs, no fee will be charged, so you can get started with no up-front financial commitment.