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How CBT Can Help Sports Performance

Let me tell you a story. John is one of the best players at his golf club but had never won his Club Championship . The last time, he missed a three foot putt on the 16th green to drop a shot at a critical stage in his round. He normally expects to sink these […]

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The Unconscious Mind – Friend or Foe?

When I talk to my clients about being in the zone, I talk about three things: being in the present moment, managing arousal levels (what’s going on in our body) and trusting the unconscious mind. But is the unconscious mind always trustworthy? The human brain is a very complex organism and even current neuroscience does […]

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What Does Mental Toughness Really Mean?

I often work with clients to move away from problems such as competition anxiety and towards being able to access flow states (or being in the zone) during performance. I also help clients develop skills in mental rehearsal, to help them cement their physical skills in to their unconscious mind. But does success with these […]

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Positive Thinking or Just Stay in the Present Moment

If you are just about to take a penalty, the last thing you want going through your mind is a negative thought such as “if I miss this penalty, my team mates will never forgive me”. It is a recognised principle of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) that our thoughts influence our feelings and behaviour, including […]

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Physical or Mental – The Route to Peak Performance

“Baseball is 90% mental – the other half is physical”. So says Yogi Berra, the legendary US baseball player. I often use this quote in my workshops to demonstrate the massive importance of mental skills without diminishing in any way the importance of developing physical skills. In terms of supporting an elite sports person, I […]

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Mindfulness In Sport

Many people in sport have heard of the phrase “being in the zone” or have heard elite athletes talking about “focusing on the task in hand” or “being in the present moment”. However understanding something and being able to do something successfully are often two very different things. Well this is where the concept of […]

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